An On Site Electrical Test Equipment Calibration


Product Description

Our on site electrical test equipment calibration rates: Test Kit ( Loop, RCD & Ins), MFT & PAT Tester .£55.00 each.

OSCS mobile Calibration Service provides the following:

1. Calibration of your test equipment using the latest Transmille Test Equipment & Software.
2. Fixed labels to show the serial numbers and test dates.
3. All test results fully Traceable to National Standards.
4. A reminder when the annual retest is due.

OSCS covers much of England from Manchester to Southampton & Worcester to Southend and in the London area most weeks.

Prior to purchase just contact us to ensure our itinerary suits your requirements.

Please note: The item for sale is a calibration not the calibrator shown

On Site Calibration Of Equipment By Professionals: Call 07776 200146 Today