Seaward Checkbox 16

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Product Description

The PAT Checkbox has been designed to provide a safe, simple and quick means of checking that PAT testers are working within specification inbetween periodic calibration of the instrument.


Verification of functionality and accuracy of Installation tester readings as required for NICEIC inspections
Continuity check against precision 1Ω and 10Ω
Insulation check against precision 1MΩ
Earth Loop Impedance check against 5Ω
RCD Standard 60ms Trip Time and 30mA test current check
Voltage measurement check
Provides a convenient check point for installation test instruments including Earth Loop testers, Insulation Continuity Testers and RCD testers.

Supplied by On Site Calibration Services

As new with a 12 Month Calibration Certificate issued by OSCS

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